Mihkel Kerem

Sinfonietta Portobellica (2010)

(Composer's note)

Sinfonietta Portobellica was specially written for the Portobello Orchestra in July 2010. Having lead the orchestra for 3 seasons now, I have a good idea about what the orchestra can and cannot do and I tried to incorporate this knowledge in this work. Every part is tailor-made for a particular player, showing off their skills where the music allows it. Much emphasis is put to writing music in the style of composers that this orchestra would normally never play. So you will hear a lot of Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Ravel and Bartok, to name a few! The work has a traditional fast-slow-fast form. All three movements follow each other without a significant break.

Sinfonietta Portobellica was performed by the Portobello Orchestra on the 2nd July 2011, conducted by Anthony Weeden.